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The good thing about creating an English club is giving chance to students to learn English with fun and it is also a place for students to improve their English. The Club paves the way to students to build up their personality, discover, understand and become themselves and develop their cultural competences.

Tamil Mandram serves as a platform for the students for enriching their talents in the three components of the Tamil language “Iyal, Isai, and Nadagam.”

The purpose of the Hindi-Club is to enhance the creativity of our students. The Club allows students to create their own speeches, nukkad-natak, and plays, compose poetry and also write essays to express their thoughts and feelings.

Mathematics club helps in the proper utilization of leisure time. It helps in arousing and maintaining students' interest in mathematics. It provides the students with opportunities to develop their explorative, creative and inventive ideas and thoughts.

Science clubs will create students in the scientific thinking process and also to develop a scientific and rational attitude.

The club envisages spreading awareness about the spell binding history of the bygone society among the youth, thereby making them capable to protect the relics. The Heritage clubs will go a long way in protecting the heritage wealth such as history, culture, and historic records.

Computer Science is a broad field that continues to widen. Opportunities abound for students to turn their interest in computer technology into new innovations and challenging and rewarding careers. The breadth of the field, however, and the need to learn at least a smidge about each little corner while building demonstrable expertise in at least one of them, proves a daunting challenge.

It is a forum through which students can reach out to influence, engage their parents and neighbourhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior. It will empower students to explore environmental concepts and actions beyond the confines of a syllabus or curriculum.

Health & Wellness Clubs in schools can favorably influence the habits', attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community. The health and wellness clubs can modify our behaviour towards the attainment of optimum health. Physical Education caters to provide physical fitness which an important component of wellness.

Integrity Club is a small group of friends from the same class and School, who voluntarily commit to meet regularly to help each other continuously to improve the quality and integrity of their Individual and group performance and behavior especially in the values of Patriotism.

The art club provides a platform to the students to explore their creativity. It also gives opportunities and freedom to the students to try new things. They create eye-catching drawings on different themes.

Music classes at schools can help them reduce stress and depression, thus preventing physical health issues. Music classes in schools help students relax by synchronising with the beats and this way the students are able to concentrate on subjects.

The Reader's club include increased confidence in reading aloud to others and in classroom activities, children feeling that reading clubs help them to improve their reading skills and raising awareness amongst children of a wider range of written materials.

Club Activities

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